Please take time out to ask yourself the following 4 questions:

  • How good is your current marketing?
  • Does it deliver what you expect?
  • Do you measure results?
  • Have you identified what it is you want to communicate?

We believe that in today’s financial climate the days of not knowing how effective your current marketing is at communicating your products and services have long gone. Your business needs to tangibly see a return on its investment.


At CNJ Media we pride ourselves on getting to know your business well enough to be able to access your current position within your market place, in order that we can put in place the necessary processes and plans required to best communicate and stimulate new and existing customers and increase sales.

Marketing is all about driving customers to your door rather than to your competitor's and we believe pulling sales forward from the following month is key to your success.

The processes we use to achieve increased sales and customers are to:

  • Research your previous business data and research your market place and where you are positioned.
  • Establish and agree which products and services you need to be communicated.
  • Identify key target areas and customer types.
  • Establish a budget based on your existing financial business plans.
  • Identify specific offers creating and stimulating customers to generate the sale – creating a reaction whether it is to look up your website, instigate a telephone call, or walking into your premises to view.

The most effective sales method is generating a face to face sales opportunity or having an existing customer recommendation. Marketing is all about creating that opportunity.