TV Advertising

Production & Design House For Television Commercials

CNJ Media has recently been given ITV 1 accreditation status, which allows us to obtain high TVR slots for particular advertising campaigns in the most popular ITV1 programme schedules.

A balanced TV Campaign can be most effective in communicating a message to a large targeted audience at peak demand times, when would be consumers are in a more relaxed and receptive mood. The design and look of an advert will usually adopt your existing branding as it is an extension of your advertising campaign.

Our services include storyboard creation, shooting, graphic design, preproduction, studio production, animation, post production and sound.

High Definition Advertising with Low Production Costs

Our low production costs have helped existing clients to enjoy a heavier weighted TV campaign. ITV1 Border advertising now competes head on with traditional press and radio advertising.

A typical example of advertising in the ITV Border region would be: 3 x 20 second peak time adverts plus 7 x 20 second off-peak time adverts from as little as £2,495*

Peak time commercials include ad breaks during programmes such as Emmerdale, Coronation Street, period dramas and evening news programmes. Typical average audience for Emmerdale in ITV Border region is 158,000. Approx 110,000 in Cumbria.

If you are interested then please contact us for further details and a full quote.

*including production costs. Prices vary according to client requirements, full quote on request

ITV Border television advertising is cheaper than you think